From this hub, I will talk about anything that may be deemed adult. With that in mind, it’s not a place for children or anyone else who lacks the maturity to handle frank discussions about life, relationships, sex, and other related topics. Beyond that warning, I don’t plan to censor myself. This is my playground and you’re a guest. Make wise choices.

All existing content will be linked, so if you see something below that does not have a hyperlink, it’s something I am working on that is not yet finished. If you have questions or comments, please leave them as comments on the related page and be sure to include a way to reach you if you’d like a response.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you start feeling something that doesn’t sit well with you while you’re here, please visit my page on Emotional Aftercare.


Adult Fiction

This page contains some of my original works of adult fiction, generally those that involve leather, fetishes, and kink.

My Adult Interests

For those who want to know what I’m into, this is a page that discusses my personal areas of interest relating to sex, kink, and power exchange.

My Core Values

An explanation of the personal code by which I live my life.

My Life Lessons

Thoughts on life and some of the lessons I’ve learned.

Am I Crazy? The Problematic History of Kink and Mental Health

The inherent stigmas related to kink and fetishes are not accidental. They have been part of the framework of our mental health system from the beginning.

Chastity 101

A brief exploration of consensual enforced abstinence.


The undeniable foundation of healthy interpersonal relationships, and yet so many of us don’t communicate well.

Consensual Slavery

Domination and Submission 101

This six-part series is an explainer of the basics of the power exchange dynamic.


A brief explanation of the fetish for financial domination.

Hypnosis and Mindplay

The mind is my favorite playground. In this section I will explore all things related to mind control.



And Never Forget That I Love You


Tor & Ralph


A series on having multiple intimate partners simultaneously.

The Spirituality of Power Exchange

This is where I explore the intersection of power exchange and spirituality.

Taming the Monkey

A guide to overcoming the ‘Mind Monkey’.

Total Power Exchange (TPE)

Why I don’t like and don’t use the term.


We all have it, and we all need to better understand it.

In Memoriam